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Connecting and Creating Value for People

Learn more on how to connect and create value for people.
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How effective we are depends a lot on our intentions.

If your intent is to “sell” something, find a job or find the “most important person” in the room – you will have very limited success, because people will not want to connect with you.

Others (and yourself hopefully) are seeking connections with people who are:

  • genuine,
  • interested in them,
  • and keen to find ways to create value for them.
Just to clarify – creating value for others is NOT selling them something or someone.
It is about looking for opportunities to give them something of benefit for nothing. An example of this might be connecting Person A (who is seeking work) with Person B (who is looking for someone with Person A’s skills qualities and attributes). Nothing may come of it, but you have created an opportunity.
My most recent one was seeking to connect with people who were interested in hosting Action Projects. It gave me a purpose, and a topic (the leadership program, our aims for the Action Project), and because it has a mutual benefit for everyone (students gain experience and sense of achievement, a host has a project implemented) – people were interested and would also approach me to discuss opportunities.
So much more interesting and less painful than wandering around with a business card “Hi, my name is Tanya, I work at CQ Uni. What do you do?”
Okay, so that all sounds great – how do I do it?
How about sharing your experiences and seeing what others have done?

The important thing to remember is that each of us is unique, and what works for one may not work for another.

Try things out, and remember: don’t take rejection personally and keep your sense of humour! None of us are successful 100% all of the time, and some experiences are painful at the times, but hilarious when you share it later with your friends.

© CQUniversity 2021
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