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Welcome to Week 2

Watch this video introduction to the course 'University and Your Future', which explores the value of extra-curricular activities at university.
Welcome to week two of the course, University and Your Future. In week one, you reflected on your strengths, visible and invisible, and how these can affect the activities that you do at university, and how you can choose consciously to develop them. We also looked at career theory and how this can affect your activities at university, your degree choice, and how it can affect also your understanding of other people’s influence on the decisions that you make. Hopefully, you’re beginning to see the possibilities of a new you and that might look slightly different to what you’ve thought about so far.
In this week, we’re going to look consciously at activities that you can do to develop this future you, and specifically add activities that can be done while at university. We’ll be hearing from students about what they’ve done and from employers about what they value. To build on the strengths that you identified in week one, we’ll be hearing from current University of Surrey students about the activities that they’ve done, which might give you some ideas. And we’ll be working further on the portfolio that you started in week one, which will eventually lead to a set of activities that you can take going forward. Let’s get on with week two.

This week we are going to turn our focus to the university experience in light of the ideas we explored in Week 1. Having identified your strengths and gained an understanding of how your environment might affect your choices and decision-making, in Week 2 you will take this learning and apply it to all the activities on offer at university. Making the most of these opportunities can be a great way to test out possible options, learn about yourself, and start to develop yourself professionally and personally.

You will hear from students at the University of Surrey about the activities you can get involved in, including the Students’ Union, clubs and societies. You will watch employers talk about the value they place on what students do alongside their degree. Finally, you will continue to work on the portfolio you started in Week 1. We will end with an action plan where you can set yourself some achievable goals for the future.

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