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Introducing Emphasis

In this video, Dr Li will introduce emphasis.

In this video we learn to use the structure “是……的shì ……de” to emphasize something such as time, location or manner.

The structure is similar to “It’s …that…” in English.

  • Emphasize the time


Xīxi shì 2018 nián lái dào Shànghǎi de. Tā shì liùsuì kāishǐ xuéxí yīngyǔ de.

It’s in 2018 that Xixi came to Shanghai. It’s at the age of six she began to learn English.

In order to emphasize the time,we put the character“是shì”before“2018年”or “六岁”and place“的de”at the end of the sentence.

  • Emphasize the location


Xīxi hé Wáng Xiǎobǎo shì zài Shànghǎi rènshi de. Tāmen shì zài Wàitān rènshi de.

It’s in Shanghai that Xixi and Wang Xiaobao met. It’s at the Bund that they met.

Here we put the character“是shì”before “在上海”or“在外滩” and place “的de”at the end of the sentence.

  • Emphasize the manner


Wáng Xiǎobǎo shì zuò fēijī lái Shànghǎi de. Tā shì zuò dìtiě dào Wàitān de.

It’s by air that Wang Xiaobao came to Shanghai. It’s by the subway that he went to the Bund.

Also we put the character“是shì”before “坐飞机”or “坐地铁” and place “的de”at the end of the sentence.

The following is Chinese and English Version of Situational Dialogue in the Video:







Xīxi:Wang Xiaobao, do you remember when we met?

Wáng Xiǎobǎo:Of course. We met last year at the Bund.

Xīxi:Yes, I really like the Bund. I went there by taxi.

Wáng Xiǎobǎo:I went there by subway.

Xīxi:Shall we go again this weekend?

Wáng Xiǎobǎo:Yeah, why not?

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