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Sales Navigator

In the previous step, you learnt about the Social Sales Assistant, which allows you to post to social media. In this step you will be introduced to the Sales Navigator for LinkedIn.

Enhance key application scenarios by connecting the system of record with the LinkedIn data graph and insights.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool that salespeople can use to augment the social aspect of their selling. Sales Navigator can be added to your Dynamics 365 for Sales using an application from AppSource. The application has widgets to place on your forms. These widgets offer insight to help sales professionals make a better connection with their prospects.

Users must each authenticate with their LinkedIn profile.

Screenshot of authentication using LinkedIn profile

Note: Even after a connection is made to Dynamics 365 for Sales, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not a data source for Dynamics. Based on its user agreements the data will stay within LinkedIn.

The only exception to this is based on interactions using messaging tools from LinkedIn that can be synchronised across both systems. This is discussed later in this lesson.

These widgets can be placed on forms using custom controls. When adding these widgets to your forms consider the impact to all users. For example, when you add the widget to the default main Contact form, all users will see the widgets. However, only users licensed with both products will be able to authenticate. Other users will simply see the request for credentials.

You could mitigate this by adding security roles to the forms and keep one form for Sales Navigator users and another one for non-Sales Navigator users.

Available Widgets

For contacts/people records, you have the following widgets available:

  • Top Card
  • News (Icebreakers)
  • Connections (Get Introduced)
  • Related Leads

For accounts/companies you have the following widgets available:

  • Top Card
  • News (Icebreakers)
  • Connections (Get Introduced)
  • Recommended Leads

Examples of widgets

Contact Top Card:

Screenshot of LinkedIn Contact Top Card

Contact Connections (Get Introduced):

Screenshot of LinkedIn Contact Connections (Get Introduced)

Account Top Card:

Screenshot of LinkedIn Account Top Card

Account Recommended Leads:

Screenshot of LinkedIn Account Recommended Leads

Sync of Activities

With the proper teams licensing, activities from LinkedIn will synchronise to your Dynamics records. Custom activities for InMails and messages will be added to the related Contact record. As of the time of this document, the activities can only come from the LinkedIn activities, and not initiated in Dynamics.

In addition to these widgets available for use, there is a Sales Navigator app targeted at the classic web experience. The contents of these widgets are the same but combined into a single control, one each for people and companies.

Screenshot of LinkedIn with all recommendations

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an additional cost, above the cost of a Dynamics licence. Once a user is licensed with both Sales Navigator and Dynamics, connecting them is no additional cost.

The next step is our second Hands-On Lab: Integrated Sales Tools.

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