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Week 4 Introduction

Summary of what we’ve covered so far to provide a ‘Map and compass’ to the DeFi world
(upbeat music) <v ->We’re at Week Four now,</v> we’ve covered all the technical foundations at De-FI in the first three weeks, in this final week, we’re gonna ensure you can explore this ground safely and confidently. Chris, how are we going to do this? <v ->Well, Jason, we’re gonna start with the risks.</v> We’re gonna talk you through the market risks, technology, cybersecurity, and institutional risks, but we’re also gonna show you how to identify opportunities to figure out how tokens should be valued and to find out what sort of De-Fi protocols that you wanna play in.
But my favorite part of this week is gonna be how to join De-Fi communities themselves, because this isn’t just a financial technology, it’s a social technology as well. And we’re gonna end the course with a exploration of where we think the future of De-Fi is going. How has it evolved? How is it going to evolve? And how will you be able to interact with it in the future? So it’s a really exciting week and we thank you for joining us. Let’s get started. (upbeat music)

In this final week of the course, we will discuss the tools and knowledge that will help you explore the DeFi world going forward. Watch Professor Jason Potts and Associate Professor Chris Berg explain this week.

Over the course of this week, we will:

  • examine the major risks in order to navigate DeFi safely
  • discuss how pricing and valuation occur in DeFi
  • explore the DeFi community
  • look ahead to the future of DeFi.

Upon completion of week one, you should better be able to:

  • identify major platforms used by the DeFi community
  • identify the major types of risks involved in DeFi
  • describe common DeFi risks
  • describe risks and opportunities posed by pricing and valuation in DeFi
  • examine ways that DeFi has and will disrupt finance
  • identify precautions for navigating DeFi safely.

Share your thoughts

Before you embark on this final week of the course, share your thoughts with your fellow DeFi explorers. What do you think the future holds for DeFi? Which aspects of traditional finance do you think will be disrupted by DeFi next?

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