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Learning community and teaching team

Deakin and learning design is about collaboration.
CHIE ADACHI: At Deakin, collaboration is at the heart of all that we do and is woven into every course we deliver. Just as learning and teaching at Deakin is a collaborative process, creating and producing a course is a multidisciplinary and team activity. Behind me is a group of digital learning experts and practitioners from Deakin who you’ll be learning with and from as we dive deeper into the issues and trends driving new approaches to digital learning and practice. We begin with the assumption that everyone here comes with their own perspectives and experiences that contribute to co-creating knowledge and welcome you to be part of our learning community.

Digital learning initiatives require a range of experts and professionals to come together.

As part of the delivery in a collaborative teaching environment, different people take on the roles of mentors and educators over time. This course is one of these examples.

Meet the team

One of your Lead Educators for this course is Dr Lisa Milne. Lisa is a Lecturer, Teaching Capability, in the Deakin Learning Futures team. Her research interests include work integrated learning, educational policy and the first year experience in higher education.

Joining you in conversation will also be Dr Chie Adachi, Director, Digital Learning at Deakin University. Throughout the course, keep a look out for Chie’s ‘behind the scenes’ stories.

You will also have Dr Andy Wear, Joan Sutherland and Dr Francesca Bussey as members of your teaching team.

If you haven’t already, make sure you follow Lisa and the team for the latest course updates, feedback and discussions.

As we’ll soon learn, social learning plays a vital role in getting the most out of your online learning, so you might also like to join in on conversations and help create a community of practice by using #FLdigitallearning on social media.

Your task

Have you ever worked on a joint activity with other professions or people in very different roles to yours before? Do you prefer to learn or to work with others, or on your own, and why? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments.

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