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Course Leader and Postdoctoral Fellow at NTNU, Halvdan Haugsbakken, explains in a video the goal and learning content for the online course the Digita
Hello, and welcome to the online course “The Digital Transformation of the classroom”. My name is Halvdan Haugsbakken and I will be the Course Leader. So, what is this course about? Have you ever wondered about how you, can use digital technologies in your classroom? For example, perhaps you have tried out blog, but it did not work out, and you gave up because either your students or you did not enjoy it. YouTube videos are something you watch with your students now and then. That is good. But, what about testing out artificial intelligence, by using simple chat bots? Too complex?
Either way, this course is about what you have to do - assuming you are teacher interested in technology - if you wish to change your classroom practice from print to digital. In other words, what does it involve, to change from standing in front of your class and teach your students, to use digital technologies in the learning activities you carry out in the classroom with your students? This course tries to answer that question, by looking at how you prepare for a digital classroom practice and what happens when you try out digital technologies. A way to exemplify the consequences of digital technologies on learning, is to look to others who done this before and learn from their experiences.
And that is exactly what we will do. Over the coming three weeks, we will follow the Norwegian teacher Inger. Inger is a teacher who used digital technologies in foreign language training in a norwegian high school.
We will try to answer important questions: How do you plan and prepare yourself for a digital classroom? And what happens when you set you master plan out in practice? Therefore, this course will provide you with a vocabulary on how to talk about digital transformation and how you can relate it to your daily life. Perhaps, this can contribute to a digital transformation in your classroom.


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In the video above, NTNU Lead Educator and Postdoctoral Fellow Halvdan Haugsbakken explains the intention behind the course – “The Digital Transformation in the Classroom”.
Before we jump into the course, there is a little housekeeping that we need to go over to ensure that we all understand our roles within the course. We want to ensure that we can create a learning community that is vibrant, meets your learning goals, and values the contributions of all. The main tool in this environment will be the discussion forum which can be found at the bottom of each page. For this to work, we need participants to actively contribute to this discussion. It is the rich interactions between each other that add value to online courses such as this one. It allows us to grow in our thinking and actions about a particular topic. To achieve this, we have deliberately added questions as prompts for a deeper discussion relating to the topic. We hope that you will take time to bring these questions to life, through an active discussion in the comments section. Please take time to connect and share your experience with other learners and to comment on discussions that the other participants have made.
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Digital Transformation in the Classroom

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