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Engagement, Leadership & Inclusion


4 (of 6) Engagement

Engagement means keeping people motivated to continue to look for ways to be sustainable. Telling your story is a powerful way to celebrate change, spark people’s interest in sustainability and share knowledge. Sharing stories brings sustainability into our personal lives. It gets people discussing their own experiences, which helps to connect people.

5 (of 6) Leadership and innovation

As with engagement, leadership and innovation awards people who have made a difference to sustainability in their area. These people become role models for everybody to show how sustainability practices do not go unrecognised, but are looked on as achievements that should be rewarded. There are prizes and places to nominate people who have achieved something substantial, or have come up with a great idea to advance sustainability in their area, whether these steps are small, or big.

6 (of 6) Inclusion and well-being

With so much going on, it’s easy to forget about something very important – you!

Luckily, looking after yourself and your well-being can be easier than you think:

  • Connect – talk and listen, be there. Look people in the eye and take a moment to make small talk about something totally not work related; to feel connected.
  • Take notice – of yourself and others; paying more attention to the present moment boosts your well-being.
  • Keep learning – be curious and seek out new experiences; to stimulate your brain and enjoy a whole lot of positive goodness.
  • Give – an act of kindness, whether small or large; to lift your mood.

Be active – stand up and move around, maybe suggest a walking meeting; to get some fresh air and your blood pumping


  1. Do you have a personal story to tell about sustainability?
  2. There are many ways to look after your well-being. What are some other ways that you can think of?
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