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What problems do learners have with pronunciation?

Clip of teacher and learner talking about difficulties with pronunciation
In terms of errors, maybe, the W - we all know that here. The W is very difficult to pronounce for Hungarian students, as opposed to the R for Japanese when they learn Spanish, for example. And it makes it very interesting to always prepare a lesson because you have to expect and prepare those mistakes. In China for Chinese, lots of time you don’t need to use the tongue. Just keep the same position of the tongue. And the way you speak English, you have to find the position of the tongue, and then you have to use it more often than Chinese. So this is a difficult part.
And another part is that when you speak the sentence, there are lots of contraction, lots of change of the syllable, lots of rhythm and intonation. So this is the more difficult part for me.

In this video you’ll see Jonathan (a teacher) and Bobby (a learner) talking about problems some learners have with pronunciation.


Watch the video and note the different problems Hungarian, Japanese and Chinese learners have with pronunciation. Do you think that some of the problems Bobby mentions are true for other nationalities?

How can teachers help learners with pronunciation problems? Write your suggestions in the comments section. We’ll talk about this some more in the next step.

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