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It doesn’t have to be goodbye

Share your thoughts on the course.
Shake it off Annie, all right. One of the aspects of the course which I really value and I’m sure you do too, is hearing from our students. So, what was their favourite part, what worked for them, what are they going to go away and do as a result of the course and that’s something that we’d really love to hear about isn’t it and kind of think about what they’re going to do going forward.
Definitely, we we’ve explored sort of getting feedback from our students and making sense of that and we’d love to hear what worked for them, and to kind of help to inform enhancing our own practice when we move forward because that’s one of the things that we do enjoy, figuring out what can we do better to serve our students and enhance their learning and then have that final positive impact on their teaching practice. Now we’ve reached the end of week two, and I’m wondering how students are feeling at this stage.
Hopefully inspired, hopefully ready to take away some of these ideas and start to put them into practice because this two-week course is only the beginning really isn’t it of starting to apply some of the theory, experiment with some of the techniques and so on that we’ve looked at so we hope that people feel excited, feel positive, may be keen to learn more. What do you think?
Definitely and I think excitement that’s what I’m hoping people are feeling about sort of where to move on to next yeah but as you say this is just the start of their journey, lots of things to think about but hopefully they’ve also identified potential gaps where they do want to continue exploring and that brings us to the sort of the PGCE Lathe doesn’t it, this kind of continuing that learning journey, unpacking it in greater detail making those kind of stronger deeper connections to their own practice. So I hope students are feeling inspired to kind of join us on that course as well. Yeah definitely, because inevitably in a two-week course we had to be a bit selective didn’t we?
About what we could cover and I suppose there are a few points along the way where we flagged things that we might look at and we will look at in greater detail on the PGCE Lathe. So if that’s something that people are interested in there’s, as you say, greater detail I guess a longer kind of scale learning journey where there’s more time to explore, to reflect, to kind of let some of those ideas sink in so I think a lot of the themes that we’ve established in this two-week course the reflection and so on will continue in the PGCE Lathe but it’s, as you say, much more detail and so on to unpack those things more fully.
I mean we would love to see the participants over on the PGCE Lathe because we do kind of move along in building blocks, we have this progressive course that builds so we start off with that introspection of your own practice who you are in the in the classroom sort of you know supporting your students both in pastoral sense and other aspects we kind of examine assessment and feedback and how that can make students feel how that can make you feel but then we have this element where we kind of elevate our thinking outside of the classroom to think about curriculum design, course designs, kind of the bigger picture and then there’s the opportunity to bring that all together and think about how do these bits fit in fit together when I think about my practice holistically so still so much more to explore in an enthusiastic, positive, constructive way and yes we would love to meet them and join them on their journey but if we do have to say goodbye to some of our participants, we wish them well and maybe we’ll see them again in the future.

Not only have we come to the end of Week 2, but we have also reached the end of the course – but it doesn’t have to be goodbye.

Watch the video of Brinder and Annie who wish you well, are keen to see you again (perhaps on the PGCLaTHE) and request your feedback about being a student of this course.

We’ve explored a lot about making our students feel ‘seen’ and valued in Week 1 and highlighted the importance of engaging with feedback in Week 2.

We’d now like to model this good practice by inviting you to share your invaluable feedback.

Your task

We’d love to know about any of the following in the comments area below:
  • What engaged you most about the course and why?
  • What was your key learning or takeaway from the course?
  • Which material(s) did you enjoy most and why?
  • How could we improve the course?
  • What will you try in your own practice?
  • Something new you experienced/participated in on the course
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