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Changing scales: from universe to Earth

Read a brief summary of Week 1 and make any comments or ask questions on what's been covered before we move on.
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In Week 1, we’ve seen extreme events of enormous magnitudes.

These events were very rare, in some cases they occurred only once in the universe’s or Earth’s lifetime.

The cosmological and geological timescales that we’ve considered events on, and their vast magnitudes make them hard for us to comprehend. They are far removed from our everyday lives.

Our planet has experienced even more colossal events over geological timescales. These helped shape the surface of the Earth and enabled the conditions we experience today.

The largest earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and tsunamis have had a significant impact on our planet and can hugely disrupt our environment.

We will explore some of the largest of these hazards in Week 2.

We hope you enjoyed Week 1, if you have any comments or questions on the week please add these in the comments below.

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Extreme Geological Events

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