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Let us talk about the prerequisites, and I'm smiling because I really think prerequisites are highly overrated. What I would say is though, is that Finance is very structured and that's one of its beauties, and structure applied to real-world problems is, I think the best of both worlds. So, I would say that you have to have a sense of ease with numbers, algebra, problem solving. So therefore if you had a good, say school training in thinking with numbers and algebra, and especially word problems you'll find this course very exciting and very applicable.
What I will expected to learn as you go along is get used to working with Excel. I tease that all numbers are wrong in life, which is true because you're making evaluations of impact in the future and the future hasn't happened, and yet you want to make decisions today, so life is uncertain, and all your calculations and are guides, not final answers and you'll see that as we go along. Knowing Excel is very useful. Excel is a spreadsheet and we call it Excel because PowerPoint and Excel and all were started by Microsoft but let's use the word Excel here on.
I will do some Excel and I'll post a note about it, but you can use formulas too, and I'll post a note with formulas. I strongly encourage you to start using Excel, and the reason is not because the answers that come out are alright and so on, you'll make mistakes, but it provides excellent structure and it will help you take the problems, word problems, and put them on a timeline, which I'll talk about often, when we start talking about this course. So, I'll expose you to Excel, but I want to emphasize that it is your responsibility to learn it and run with it. It's not difficult, it's a very friendly tool.
But don't use Excel to do your thinking; it can't. You know? Simple as that. But as far as overall prerequisites go let me go back. What I really want from you as a sense of curiosity, and a desire to learn, and that's something blown me away. When I offered the MOOCs you won't believe how many students have signed up for my MOOC I'm not gonna talk about it. I'm very private, and in a way shy, but not shy at the camera, or of talking about you. But let us say there have been thousands of students who have taken the course.
What has amazed me is, first there's no way I could've taught so many people so often in my life, except through technology. But the number of people who are willing to work hard, and and are curious, is just mind-boggling. Most of the people are working, most of the people have other things to do, yet find the time to learn. That is a prerequisite for my class. A very important one.
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