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Why do teachers engage with research?

Professor Dame Alison Peacock explaining why teachers engage with research and her work with the College of Chartered Teaching.
So I’m really passionate about the notion of teachers engaging with research evidence. I myself as a teacher and then as a head teacher found that I gained professional courage because I was reading a lot and I’d studied my own master’s degree and that meant that in fact I was more driven by the things I was reading by the literature reviews that I was accessing then I was the demands of Ofsted and that actually meant that when it came to Ofsted inspections we did very well. So at the Chartered College we’re very clear that that we need a profession that is driven by intuitive professional knowledge but also combined with theory but not just any old theory.
The importance of criticality being able to really be open to ideas and to search beyond the headlines is a really important part of professionalism, I believe. And that’s the whole point of this course it’s really to deepen knowledge and understanding and to make sure that we don’t – we can be susceptible to fads in our profession let’s move beyond that and really get some deeper learning.
The Chartered College of Teaching as a new professional body for all teachers is essentially about building collegiality about building professional knowledge, about sharing practice because the job of being a teacher essentially is a pretty difficult one if nigh on impossible and so the best way it seems to me that we can do the best we can for our children and young people and for our colleagues is to share knowledge and understanding, to be excited about reading new things, to be excited about studying, to recognise that to be a professional is to engage in lifelong learning. I’m sorry but this learning is never going to be finished.
This is a quest all the time to do the best we can for our children and I think it’s a very exciting quest so through our journal and through our website and courses like this we very much hope that you to will be thrilled to carry on with your learning.

Professor Dame Alison Peacock of the Chartered College of Teaching talks about why it is important for teachers to engage with educational research.

Key learning points

  • The teaching profession should be driven by teachers’ intuitive knowledge but also critical engagement with research evidence
  • Building collegiality, as well as collective knowledge and understanding across the profession enables us to do the very best job for our pupils
  • Being a professional is to engage in lifelong learning; remaining curious and continuing to improve our practice

There are a variety of ways in which engagement with research evidence can enhance our work as teachers. In the comments below, post your ‘why’ for engaging with research evidence and reply to one another’s responses.

Activity: CONSIDER

  1. Post your ‘why’ on this below in the comments.
  2. Reply to other participants’ responses to make connections and share expertise
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