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Recap and references

A brief overview of the material covered during this week, some references to additional information, and some Fortran-related humor.

You have reached the end of week 1. In this week you have learned about the basics:

  • set up your environment,
  • write, compile and run your first Fortran application,
  • Fortran’s data types, numerical, character and logical types,
  • control statements, conditional and iteration,
  • writing to standard output and standard error, and reading from standard input.


Below you will find some pointers to books or online material that could be useful in the context of this week.


  • Fortran 2018 with parallel programming, Subrata Ray, CRC Press, 2020
  • Fortran 95/2003 for scientists and engineers, Stephen Chapman, McGraw-Hill, 2007


Online resources and communities

Software stack

Fortran humor

  • In Fortran, god is real, unless declared otherwise.
  • Fortran programming class
  • A computer without Fortran is like a piece of chocolate cake without mustard.
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