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Introduction to week 2

Introduction to week 2
Welcome to the second week of Fortran for scientific programming. So the main new thing which we learn about this week is in fact arrays and of course it’s a very important part of scientific computing, since they’re used to represent vectors and matrices. We will also go more in-depth into various Fortran features which were introduced before, but not in sufficient detail. So at the end of this week, you will actually have a pretty good overview of Fortran as a programming language. A few things are missing, but that’s for weeks to come. Don’t forget the capstone exercises because those are your main learning opportunity. Let’s go for it.

In this week, you’ll learn about arrays and user defined types, two data structures that are very useful for scientific programming.

You will also discover more about procedures, and learn about additional control structures.

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Fortran for Scientific Computing

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