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Occupations in Brazilian and European Portuguese

Do you know how to say waiter in Brazil and in Portugal? Learn this and 8 more occupations.


1. Listen and follow the occupations. You can choose to listen to Brazilian Portuguese (BP) or European Portuguese (EP) pronunciation. Audios will have first the masculine, then the feminine words:

masculine feminine translation


o médico a médica the doctor
os médicos as médicas the doctors

Listen BP ——– Listen EP


o veterinário a veterinária the veterinarian
os veterinários as veterinárias the veterinarians

Listen BP ——– Listen EP


o advogado a advogada the lawyer
os advogados as advogadas the lawyers

Listen BP ——– Listen EP


o estudante a estudante the student
os estudantes as estudantes the students

Listen BP ——– Listen EP


o professor a professora the teacher / professor
os professores as professoras the teachers / professors

Listen BP ——– Listen EP

Business consultant

o consultor de empresas a consultora de empresas the business consultant
os consultores de empresas as consultoras de empresas the business consultants

Listen BP ——– Listen EP

Waiter Portugal

o empregado de mesa a empregada de mesa the waiter / waitress
os empregados de mesa as empregadas de mesa the waiters / waitresses

Listen BP ——– Listen EP

Waiter Brazill

o garçom a garçonete the waiter / waitress
os garçons as garçonetes the waitress / waitresses

Listen BP ——– Listen EP

Note: in general empregado means ‘employee’. Empregado de mesa (EP) = ‘table employee’. In the right context, it is enough to say empregado/empregada to mean waiter/waitress.


2. Let’s use ‘doctor’ as an occupation to build sentences. You can add any occupation from above accordingly.

Sentence builder with doctor, e.g. Ele é médico Scroll down to find this table in pdf.

Examples: Listen

Ele é médico.

Nós somos médicas.

Eu não sou médico.

Ela não é médica.

Examples with other occupations:

Ela é consultora de empresas.

Eles são empregados de mesa

Eu não sou consultor de empresas.

Eu sou professor.

Eu sou professora.

Vocês não são professores.


3. Use Vocaroo to build 3 sentences as above.

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