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Dimensions of transformational leadership

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There are four key dimensions that are core for transformational leaders to understand. As you read through each one, reflect on whether or not you embody these dimensions in your leadership.

Inspirational Motivation: the leader has a clear vision that they are able to communicate effectively to their team members. They are able to help team members to experience the same motivation to fulfill these goals.

Intellectual Stimulation: the leader has the ability to challenge the status quo and encourage creativity among their team. They encourage team members to explore new ways of doing thing and look for new opportunities to learn.

Individualised Consideration: the leader seeks ideas from everyone, lines of communication are open, encourage individual team members, offer support and direct recognition to team members of their contributions.

Idealised Influence: the leader draws team members to them from their commitment to the vision. Again, serve as a role model for the team and because of this, team members emulate their leader and internalise their ideals.

These are typical signs of tranformational leadership in action. Groups led by this type of leader tend to be successful and loyal.

Think back to week 1 and lessons learnt from LMX theory. Which group (in- or out-group) would benefit most from a transformational leadership style?

If you feel comfortable, respond to the following questions in the comments below. Do not use individual’s names or organisations to ensure annonymity.

Reflect on a leader you have had in the past, or you currently have. Do they display the behaviours of a transformational leader? What do they say or do to give you this perception?

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