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Which democracy is the best?

For this step we will explore the week’s topic on democracy through a debate around the benefits of an unelected second chamber.

For this step we will explore the week’s topic on democracy through a debate around the benefits of an unelected second chamber.

Using the Kialo platform, and having researched for yourself what an unelected second chamber is, please add at least two points to the discussion.

Specifically, when thinking about your contributions, please embody one of the types of democracy and argue from this perspective.

For example, what would a People’s Democrat think about an unelected second legislative chamber? Would they support the idea, or not, and why?

Of course, two of the types of democracy we have studied this week do not include a second chamber, and for these you will have to consider why they do not. Why do supporters of these types of democracy think second chambers are to be avoided?

One of the purposes of this exercise is to give you an applied form of study to use as revision material for your upcoming assessments. So that everyone can revise as much of each type of democracy as possible, please add your contributions to support/disagree with one of the least-commented types of democracy, if indeed there is one.

By the end of this week, and using everyone’s contributions, we will have an excellent source of information and understanding to go back and use as a revision resource.

Click this link to go to Kialo. You can add a pro or a con for each type of democracy listed.

In order to add comments on Kialo, you will have to register for an account. Please note that this step is optional if you do not wish to register with Kialo.

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