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Case Study: Jas’s Story

OK, so, can you open your books and turn to page to page 255. Thank you.
Hey, Sam. Toni. Where’s your little friend? Just leave it out Toni. Jas will be here in a minute. But why don’t I keep you company? Uh, Toni, I’m ready to start, are you? Go back to your seat, please. Thank you. So, who can tell me how earthquakes are formed? Toni, perhaps you could enlighten us? It’s when two plates go mental, miss. Right, thank you, Toni. OK, someone else. Sophie.
Late again, Jas? Yeah, sorry, miss. OK, where’s your homework? Yeah, I’ve done it’s just my little sister at home she– Oh, is everything OK? No, miss, he’s mental. Toni. Now that is unacceptable. You’re on a warning. Jas, I’ll speak to you after class. OK. OK, everyone, so if you have a look at the diagram in front of you, you will see that the plates form across the Earth’s crust like a jigsaw. So, have a look at that.
Jas? Jas, are you with us? No, miss, he’s off in la la land. OK, Toni, you’re on your last warning. So, now we’re going to move on to looking at the impact of convection currents. If you turn to the next page.
Toni! Yes, miss? You were on your last warning. But I didn’t do anything, miss. Come and sit at the front, please. No. I have not done anything. Toni move now. No. Toni, I don’t want to hear it. Come and sit at the front, please. No. It’s not fair, miss. Move now, Toni.
Thank you. I’m onto you. Jas, we’ll speak after class, OK?
Thank you. OK, so, let’s have a look at convection currents, and look at how they impact in terms of creating earthquakes and volcanoes.
[SCHOOL BELL RINGS] Everyone remember your assignments. Jas, I need to talk to you OK He’s not ready to speak to you. OK, OK, Shelly. Why don’t you just tell Ms. Wright what’s going on with your mum? Maybe she can help you. Come on, why are you being like this? No, and don’t you say anything to anyone. Things are bad enough as it is. OK, OK, relax. I won’t tell anyone. But what about your geography assignment? Didn’t you say you’ve already done it? Just cut out, Sam. Just leave me alone! Mum, I made you some toast.
Mum, wake up. I’ve made you some toast. Oh, I’m not hungry. You need to eat something, so you can take your pills, mum. No. I’m hungry. Have you not made her any breakfast? Of course I have. She’s had cereal. Come on, Alex, we’re going to be late for school. Have you got your pack lunch? No, where is it? In the kitchen, on the table, where it is every day. Do I have to do everything for you? Jas. Don’t speak to your sister like that. Here have this toast. Have this. No, mum, she can’t. Mum, I made it for you. You have to eat something. [DOORBELL RINGS] Mum– Jas, I don’t want it. Oh, just go.
Mum, I’m not leaving until you eat it. I don’t want it. Mum, please. What? Please. You all right, mate? You’re ready? Oh, hi Mrs. Collins. One sec, please. Come and give us a hug. Are you all right, mate? Yeah, yeah. It’s just one of them mornings, you know. You sure? Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. You go to school. You’re going to be late. Just go. Actually, take Alex with you, then I can take care of mum. Sure. Did you do your homework? It’s due today, yeah? Yeah, I managed to get that finished. I was up all night. Anyways, Alex Sam’s going to walk you to school. I know that there’s something that I know that there’s something… Forget it.
You know, you sure you all right, yeah? Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks again. I’ll see you at school. Take care, man. Right, mum, I’ll make you some more toast.
Oh. Oh, no. What?
Just leave me alone. Oh, Alan, look at the state of him. He looks mad. He looks wow crazy. You never know what they might do. Yeah? Like Stacey’s nutty Mum in EastEnders. Psycho mum, the spitting image. Careful you don’t get too close, Sam. Remember what I told you, you might catch something. Shut up. Got a psycho mum, got a psycho mum. Psychopath. Just leave it. Ignore them. I’ll just call you later, all right? He has to be told he’s crazy. Who said that? I’m hearing things. I said shut up. He’s going to flip. Ha, ha, ha. You know what, very funny. How would you like if your mum was ill? You think it’s a joke? We’re not crazy.
Just give it a rest. Ew, ew. It’s not like she’s got cancer. Yeah, she’s just a psycho. Should be locked up. Can’t have people like this running around school. You’re mad. Get off him. Jas, calm down. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Just calm down. Year 11– Year 11! Year 11, what’s going on? He just went crazy. He split like his mum. I told you all, didn’t I? Miss, he needs locking up. OK, that’s enough, Toni. Right. Um, all of you need to get your lesson. But do not think, for one second, that this is the end of it. I need to see all of you in my office after school.
Jas, and– surprise, surprise– Alan, I’m afraid I’m going to have to call your parents. No, please, you can’t. Jas, what’s going on?
OK, look, somebody tell me what’s going on here? He just saw madness. I was just walking by and he went for me. Gone mental like his mum. Right, I think it’s time for everyone to move on to their next lesson. And please, everyone, please, keep it calm. Now go on. Come on, off you go. Go on. There you go.
It’s not like Jas. I’m worried. Yes, I think you’re right. I think we need to talk about it. I was really scared when Jas lost it in school. But they were all so horrible to him. I mean, all them things they said about my mum. I mean, I know she’s not well a lot. But some of them words, I don’t even know what they mean. Jas is good. He helps mum a lot. But sometimes you can get so bossy. I don’t think he’ll ever get in like my mum. I think he was just angry inside. Sometimes I do wonder, if he does go to college, will I have to do all that stuff for mum?
I wish someone had helped me understand my mum’s illness, and what I can do to help. Also, how it might affect me. And I want to know if there’s anything I can do to stop me getting it, and how to deal with the people that don’t understand. Do any other kids have to live with this?

In this video we meet Jas, a young person living with a parent with mental illness.

Jas talks about the impact this has had on him and his experiences at school.

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How To Support Young People Living with Parental Mental Illness

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