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Let’s meet Ming Wei

Meet Ming Wei - an IELTS test taker from China who has come to the Macquarie University English Language Centre for help with the Speaking section.
<v ->Hi everyone.</v> So far you have seen how the IELTS speaking test is structured and how it is assessed. In this first part of the course, we’re going to focus on part one of the test. And for this, I’d like you to meet Ming Wei, who has come to us looking for some advice to improve her overall performance in the IELTS speaking test. Hi Ming Wei, how are you? <v ->Hi Jose, I’m good.</v> Thanks for having me. <v ->No, thanks for coming.</v> I believe you’re taking the test soon. Is that correct?
<v ->Yes, I’m planning to take the test</v> in a couple of months because I want to study Master of Education at Macquarie University, and they told me that I need all band 7, including speaking. But I did the test a couple months ago, and I only got six. <v ->Really, you only got six.</v> Why do you think that is? <v ->I’m not sure, maybe because of my pronunciation.</v> <v ->Your pronunciation, that’s interesting.</v> Why do you think that? <v ->I’m not sure.</v> I’m from China, so English is not my first language, and I guess my pronunciation is not that good, and I would like to improve it.
<v ->I see what you mean,</v> but many test takers are also concerned about their pronunciation. But, as we saw before, the public band descriptors cover a lot more than just pronunciation, which means that you can focus on many other aspects to achieve the highest score. But let’s do something. Why don’t we try to go over part one of the test, you answer some questions, and I’ll give you some strategies and help you improve? <v ->Great, let’s do it.</v>

In the next steps, Jose asks Ming Wei some questions from Part 1 of the Speaking Test. Listen to her giving a first round of answers and then an improved version and evaluate her performance.


Ming Wei worries that her pronunciation might stop her from getting the score she needs.

Does your pronunciation also worry you? Look at the Public Band Descriptors and tell us which Band you think you would achieve for this criterion, and why?

Remember that this is an open course with a lot of learners and so the pronunciation/level of English will be different for each of you. Please don’t feel embarrassed to share, your peers are still learning too. Please also remember to use compassion when engaging in the comments feed.

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