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Sample IELTS answers – Talk about your hometown

Ming Wei answers questions about her hometown for Part 1. She receives feedback and implements strategies to improve her answers.
<v ->Okay, let’s talk about your hometown.</v> Where is your hometown?
<v ->Well, I come from Shanghai,</v> and it is one of the most enormous cities in China. And you know, it is located at the east, at the east coast, and it is about two hours from Beijing by plane, and about four hours on a high-speed train. <v ->What is your hometown like?</v> <v ->It is a huge city, you know.</v> It has population like around 25 million people. I’m not so sure, actually, but it is considered the business region of the country. So it is full of tall rises, shopping malls, and commercial towers, there are lots of restaurants, and many things to do. <v ->What is your favorite part</v> of your hometown?
<v ->Definitely the shopping malls.</v> There are so many of them, actually. Most of them are really nice brands and stores from all over the world. I always go there with my friends, actually, and we stay hours, mostly shopping at windows.
Well, I come from Shanghai, and as you may know, it is one of the largest cities in China. It is located on the coast, well, the east coast, of course. It’s about two hours from Beijing by plane, and about four hours on a high speed train.
Shanghai is huge. It has a population of almost 25 million people, I think. It is considered the business hub of the country, so it is full of high rises, shopping malls, and commercial towers. There is a lot of restaurants and many thing to do.
Well, definitely the shopping malls. There are so many of them, and most are for really nice store and brands from all over the world. I always go there with my friends, and we spend hours, mostly doing window shopping.

You have seen Ming Wei answer three questions about her hometown.

Compare her first attempt and improved attempt and evaluate her answers in terms of Fluency and coherence and Lexical resource using the Public Band Descriptors.


Which aspects of these two criteria do you think she improved? Write your comments in the box below. You may watch the video as many times as needed.

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