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Role Play 2 : 양념치킨인데 매콤해서 맛있어요.

Role Play 2 : 양념치킨인데 매콤해서 맛있어요.
Bae: Now let’s practice using the dialogue from the video. First, Rachel and I will reenact the dialogue as we look at the images of different food. Please listen carefully. Prof.
Bae: Rachel, have you seen this food before?
Rachel: No, it’s my first time seeing it. Prof.
Bae: It’s a seasoned fried chicken, and it’s delicious because it’s spicy.
Rachel: Looking at the image, it looks like it’ll be too spicy Prof.
Bae: It’s not too spicy.
Rachel: I’d like to try some. Prof.
Bae: Now, let’s practice the dialogue together introducing the new food and describing its flavor. Take a look at the description, and let’s practice the dialogue with me.
No, it’s my first time seeing it. Looking at the image, it looks like it’ll be too salty.
I’d like to try some. Prof.
Bae: Shall we switch roles and practice more?
Rachel, have you ever seen this kind of tea?
It’s ‘유자차’, and it’s delicious because it’s sour. It’s not too sour.

The second expression we looked at was “달고나커피인데 달콤해서 맛있어요.” Let’s practice a little more by referring to the conversation we learned previous step.

  • A: 레이첼 씨, 이런 커피 본 적 있어요?
  • B: 아니요, 처음 봤어요.
  • A: 달고나커피인데 달콤해서 맛있어요.
  • B: 사진 보니까 너무 달 것 같은데요.
  • A: 그렇게 달지는 않아요.
  • B: 한번 먹어 보고 싶어요.

Now, make sentences using the following words and practice conversation.

Practice 1 : 음식-자장면-짭짤하다-짜다

  • You : __
  • Character : 아니요. 처음 봤어요.
  • You : __
  • Character : 사진보니까 너무 짤 것 같아요.
  • You : __
  • Character : 한번 먹어 보고 싶어요.

Practice 2 : 차-유자차-새콤하다-시다

  • Character : 이런 차 본 적 있어요?
  • You : __
  • Character : 유자차인데 새콤해서 맛있어요.
  • You : __
  • Character : 그렇게 시지는 않아요.
  • You : __
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