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Role Play 1: 제가 부모님 드리려고 샀어요

Role play 1: I bought them for my parents
Bae: Now let’s change the conversation from the video a little bit and practice again. Please listen carefully as Rachel and I reenact the conversation. Prof.
Bae: What is this flower for?
Rachel: I bought them for my parents. Prof.
Bae: Is it their birthday?
Rachel: No, tomorrow is Parents’ Day. Prof.
Bae: Now you are going to have a conversation with me. I’ll ask you a question first, and you can tell me the reason for buying the gift. Prof.
Bae: What is this basket of flowers for? Prof.
Bae: Is it your teacher’s birthday? Prof.
Bae: Shall we try one more time? This time, Rachel will start the conversation.
Rachel: What is this toy for?
Rachel: Is it your niece’s/nephew’s birthday? Prof.
Bae: Now, let’s practice one more time with changed roles. Prof.
Bae: I bought them for my friend. Prof.
Bae: No, my friend is graduating tomorrow.

Let’s practice the dialogue together to practice pronunciation through roleplaying.

This week we’re studying the expressions : “제가 부모님 드리려고 샀어요.”

*A: 이거 무슨 꽃이에요?

*B: 제가 부모님 드리려고 샀어요.

*A: 부모님 생신이에요?

*B: 아니요. 내일이 어버이날이거든요.

Now, make sentences using the following words and practice conversation. When Prof. Bae or Rachel asks, let’s tell them the weather situation.

Practice 1 : 꽃바구니-선생님 드리다-선생님 생신-스승의 날

  • Character : 이거 무슨 꽃바구니에요?
  • You : __
  • Character : 선생님 생신이에요?
  • You : __

Practice 2 : 장난감-조카 주다-조카 생일-어린이날

  • Character : 이거 무슨 장난감이에요?
  • You : __
  • Character : 조카 생일이에요?
  • You : __

Practice 3 : 선물-친구 주다-친구 생일-친구 졸업식

  • You : __
  • Character : 친구 주려고 샀어요.
  • You : __
  • Character : 아니요. 내일이 친구 졸업식이거든요.
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