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A Day in the Life of the Law

The law has an impact on all aspects of our daily life. Explore a number of different examples from a typical day to learn more.
This video gives you the opportunity to think critically about the extent to which the law has an impact on your daily life. In this video, we will go through a series of everyday events and think critically about the role that law plays at each stage. You wake up in the morning. Nowadays, this picture would be rather different. Alarms are normally set on mobile phones. How do you think the law applies here? Think about what would happen if you’re alarm did not work. What if your phone was broken? You bought your phone from a shop, or a website and you paid for it, that was a contract of sale.
If your phone doesn’t work properly or is not fit for its purpose then the seller may be in breach of contract. You’ve already just woken up and the law is already coming into play. You decide to have a shower. What role does the law play here? The water is clean and you can drink it. For example, in the UK, the condition of the water is regulated by a variety of different laws. If the water company that supplies you with water for your shower reaches these laws and supplies you with contaminated water, then the government can take action against it. In addition, private water companies, and normally large companies, companies must comply with all laws that determine how they operate.
If they want to keep operating, then they must make sure that they comply with the company law regime in any jurisdiction question. You live in a building where there a house, an apartment, a hotel, or some other form of structure. How may the law play a role here? The right to use the building will be governed by different types of law. If you’re renting your home, for example, then you will have signed a lease. Your lease will include lots of different terms that explain your obligations, and the obligations of the party letting the property to you. Laws also govern the extent to which you can inconvenience other people.
You cannot, for example, decide to build, a large extension, and block the light to your neighbor’s house. You lock the door and leave your home. The law once again, plays a role. You lock the door and the expectation that your home will be safe. If someone breaks into your home and steals your television, this would be a crime. The person who wrongfully entered your home to steal from you will be subject to criminal law and the state will be able to punish them for breaking that law. What about your commute to work or school? Imagine that your train is late. How might the law have an impact here? In many countries, there are laws dealing with train delays.
If you have to wait too long for a train, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. A lot of different laws apply to the operation of public transport services in countries around the world. Let’s look at one last example. You’re fed up of waiting for your train to arrive, so you decide to send a message to your friend on Facebook and to read a tweet that includes a photograph of you, how might the law play a role here? There were laws to protect your privacy. There are also laws to protect freedom of expression. The right to express your views freely without censorship. In the UK, the Human Rights Act helps to protect your right to freedom of expression.
If your friend has said anything about you that is untrue, and damages your reputation, then you may, for example, be able to rely on the laws of defamation. After watching this video, you will now understand the impact that the law has on every aspect of our daily lives. These examples help to explain the important role that the law plays. By studying law, you’ll be able to explain its role in society and explain its impact. Thank you for listening.

This video is narrated by Amanda Lee, one of the lecturers who teaches on the International Foundation Programme in Law at the University of Law.

In this video you will explore some of the ways in which the law has an impact on your daily life.

You will work through a series of daily activities and learn more about how the law plays a part in each.

This video will help you to better understand the wide reach of the law and its role in society.

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