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Talking about Korean culture

Talking about Korean culture
Today, we learned a conversation on how to set up a location to meet in Korean. In your country these days, how do people spend their time on the weekends? Is it similar to how Korean people spend their time during the weekend or is it different?
Nattanan : I, hear, let’s go hiking from my Korean teachers often. I am so can feel that are they not tire when they go. You know, in Thailand there so hot, so I can’t go hiking in Thailand. But, in Korea, they have four seasons and Korean people seems like they like hiking so much. They look happy when they do it. Maybe because of beautiful thing, when they see it away.
Hannah : During weekends, I also go to the gym like Korean people during my free time. So, almost every weekend I go there and exercise very hard like Korean people. So during six months gym-life in Korea I lose almost 7kg. So while my school vacation I going back to Malaysia to visit my family and friends, they saying I changed so much different and getting prettier.
Helene : So, usually in Denmark in a weekend, I would stay at home, or whereas visit my friend’s house because going out café of anything is really expensive. But, here in Korea, it’s really cheap to go to café, so in the weekends I like to go there and hang out with my friends. We have now completed the curriculum - Introduction to Korean. So far, we have learned lots of different expressions on how to greet, how to talk about hobbies, how to order food at a restaurant, how to talk about our plans, and how to set up a time/location to meet.
If you ever get a chance to meet Korean friend or come to Korea, try using these phrases that we have learned together. Introduction to Korean will be followed by an Elementary level Korean. For the elementary curriculum, we will continue to learn more expressions and sentences in Korean. We hope you continue to study with us! See you next time!

In this step we will be talking about Korean culture. This week we are going to discuss the following questions.

How do people spend their time during the weekend in your country?

Is it similar to how Korean people spend their weekends? Share and tell us your story!

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