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Activity: Join the Python community

Let’s join the Python community.

One thing you’ll quickly discover as you continue your professional path into Python programming is just how connected and engaged the online community is. If you’ve encountered a problem or error, it’s highly likely there’s a similar question and answer floating around on a forum somewhere.

Before you get too deep into Python programming, it’s a good idea to know where to find sources of information and support for when you might get stuck in the future. It’s also useful to stay up-to-date with developments in the industry while you are learning and working.

So, let’s join the Python community.


  1. There are many ways to stay connected with fellow developers. Here is a list of challenges for you to complete:
    • Become a basic member of the Python Software Foundation. [1]
    • Join a Python forum. You can join the official Python community forum [2], and/or choose a local group [3] in your area. If there is no group nearby, why not start one?
    • Join a Python mailing list [4] for regular updates via email.
    • Search for and follow at least one professional Python developer who posts regularly on social media.
    • Join the Stack Overflow [5] community. This is a very popular forum for programmers to ask questions and get help. As an extra challenge, search for and join at least one other relevant community on Stack Exchange. [6]
  2. How many of these challenges did you complete? Share your achievements in a post in the comments.
  3. As part of your post, share a link to at least one interesting, Python-related forum discussion, mailing list article, or social media post that you found while completing these challenges.
  4. Read the posts from your fellow learners. Join any communities they share that interest you.


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