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Ag caint faoin aimsir/Talking about the weather

Irish phrases about talking about the weather.
[Music Playing] Ag caint faoin aimsir. Tá sé fuar. Tá sé te. Tá sé fliuch. Tá sé gaofar. Tá sé tirim. Tá sé grianmhar. Tá sé ag cur báistí. Tá sé ceomhar. Tá sé ag cur seaca. Tá sé ag cur sneachta. Tá sé ag stealladh báistí. Tá sé scamallach.
Bogha báistí. [Music Playing]

Watch the video to learn useful phrases in relation to talking about the weather. Watch the video again and listen to the phrases below. Repeat each phrase out loud to practise the pronunciation.

We often comment about the weather using the phrase:

Tá sé … It is …
Tá sé fuar It is cold
Tá sé te It is hot
Tá sé fliuch It is wet
Tá sé gaofar It is windy
Tá sé tirim It is dry
Tá sé grianmhar It is sunny
Tá sé ag cur báistí It is raining
Tá sé ceomhar It is foggy/misty
Tá sé ag cur seaca It is frosty
Tá sé ag cur sneachta It is snowing
Tá sé ag stealladh báistí It is pouring rain
Tá sé scamallach It is cloudy
Tá sé meirbh It is humid/close/muggy

Some suitable responses are as follows:

Nach bhfuil! Isn’t it!
Cinnte! Definitely!

Here are more elaborate ways of talking about the weather in Irish:

Tá an lá go deas It is a nice day
Lá fliuch atá ann It is a wet day
Lá fliuch, gaofar atá ann It is a wet, windy day
Tá sé fuar inniu It is cold today
Tá sé grianmhar inniu It is sunny today
Tá an aimsir go maith The weather is good
Tá an aimsir go han-mhaith The weather is very good
Tá an aimsir go dona The weather is bad
Tá an ghrian ag scoilteadh na gcloch The sun is splitting the stones

Now that you have learnt how to talk about the weather, try to practise these phrases in the comments section. What is the weather like today? An bhfuil sé fuar, fliuch nó grianmhar?/Is it cold, wet or sunny?

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