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Video 16
MIKE: Are you happy with your new house, Anna?
ANNA: Yes, I like it a lot.
MIKE: What’s it like? Is it big?
ANNA: No, it’s not very big, but it’s not small either! Wait, I’ll show you with the tablet. OK, this is the entrance and here to the right is a utility room which is pretty small, but okay Then next to the utility room there is a bathroom
with a tub
And at the back, near the entrance there’s a sitting room with two windows
MIKE: But, is it a very big room?
ANNA: Yes, the sitting room is big
And here, this is the kitchen
MIKE: And where’s the bedroom?
ANNA: From the sitting room you go into a hallway and where there’s the bedroom with a closet.
MIKE: What do you mean?
ANNA: The room where I put my clothes I like this apartment because there is a lot of light!
MIKE: Ah, and it’s fully furnished!
ANNA: Yeah, it is.
MIKE: OK, let’s have a dinner at your house then!
ANNA: Sure! But this time I will cook no doubt about it!

Watch the video to see how Anna describes the place where she lives.

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