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Ideas for future screens: challenge!

We're getting out our 'crystal ball' and looking into the future of the screen industries. Watch Ed’s video and let your imagination run riot.
Hello again. In the previous two activities this week, we’ve looked at some of the innovations that are affecting – or likely to affect – how we use the screen to tell stories. How new exhibition systems – and different forms of digital intervention – are seeking to immerse us ever more deeply in the worlds of the stories we tell, and the experiences or ideas we seek to communicate. This is a field that is developing fast. Consider the humble TV set for example. 20 years ago only the most wealthy had a flatscreen.
Today smart screens eighty inches across, operating at 4K definition are becoming the norm in some parts of the world – and they’re already on the point of becoming obsolete as 8K and even 16K resolutions prepare to turn our living room walls into photo-realistic cinemas, with holographic sound to match. So where will the way we experience screen stories go next? Beyond ultra-high definition and virtual or augmented reality? Beyond massive multiplayer games and interactive tales with multiple outcomes? This is your chance to tell us what you would like to see, and what you would like to work on, or experience, in the future. Whether it’s the next technology,
or the next way of immersing us in the world of a story: tell us. We are using the comment function on this page to collect your ideas – don’t hold back.

In this step we are getting out our ‘crystal ball’ and looking into the future of the screen industries.

Watch Ed’s video introduction, and then let your imagination run riot – what will future screen media look like, what stories will people be telling 10, 50 or 100 years from now?

Over to you

  • What will future screen stories be like?
  • What would you like to watch in the future?
  • Tell us what you would like to see, whether it’s future technology, or new ways of telling immersive stories.

Let your imagination run wild on our Future Screens Padlet.

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