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Equal Opportunities, Diversity And Ethical Leadership

What are the ethical foundations to being a successful leader?
[NOISE] What are the ethical foundations to being an effective and successful leader? The influence of the law through equal opportunities, diversity, and the ethical leadership approach provides an optimal environment in which business operations can occur. The focus of this session will be on how the merging of these factors contributes to the greater good, as well as obtaining desired business results. Let’s examine ethical leadership now in more detail. Equal opportunities, diversity, and ethical leadership in the workplace all play an important role in shaping the culture and environment of a workplace. It is important to point out that all three components reflect a different aspect.
Specifically, equal opportunity has a legal basis on fair and equitable treatment and opportunity, whereas diversity encompasses inclusion. Ethical leadership when combining both equal opportunities and diversity, presents an empowering and dynamic environment. The future of ethical leadership is concerned with power structures, decision-making, and the pursuit of goals and objectives. Focusing on the positive and what’s possible with increased accountability through an approach that encompasses the interests of others above the individual, respecting the unique and diverse abilities and contributions of others are at the forefront of creating an ethical work environment. Leaders with an ethical approach will adopt sustainability. It is measurable through the achievement of goals that make things better than they once were and embracing the power to make effective change.
Inclusion and honoring human rights is also an underlying aspect to ethical leadership. Through the adoption of ethical practices, leaders will use the law as a basis, although inclusion goes far beyond what legalities require. Additionally, inclusion of planning for the unexpected or events that are often considered to be the ‘black swan’ can no longer be avoided. By preparing appropriately, it will be possible to address ethical gray areas head-on. The self-actualization process will also be an accomplishment of ethical leaders, and they will infuse and encourage this growth of employees and colleagues. Through this, leaders will demonstrate a commitment to improve the professional and personal lives of employees, as well as the communities in which they work and live in.
Let’s summarize what we’ve covered. The role of legal requirements as reflected in equal opportunity laws, as well as the adoption of an inclusionary vision provides leaders with the additional tools to adopt an ethical approach to leadership. Two of the key factors in being an ethical leader include the ability to motivate and engage employees. Sound business practices were also incorporated as a reflection of ethical leadership. Now let’s take a look at the five key points. One, sustainability involves leaving things better than they were before. Two, accountability in practices and approach are essential. Three, placing the needs of others above self is a key attribute. Four, infusion of ethical leadership can be adopted through an array of leadership types.
Five, ethical leadership reflects a series of decisions and behaviors that lead to an inclusionary environment. [NOISE]

Equal Opportunities, Diversity And Ethical Leadership. In this video from the University of Law Business School find out what are the ethical foundations to being a successful leader.

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Ethical Management and Decision Making

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