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The new troika, the new metrics cascade and the new grammar

View this video of Sandra Milligan as she unpacks for you the new troika, the new metrics cascade and the new grammar of schooling. Alignment is key!

View the video of Sandra Milligan as she unpacks for you the new troika, the new metrics cascade and the new grammar of schooling. Alignment is key!

The new troika – aligning learning design, assessment design and credentialing design.

The New Troika: Three components, with ‘learner in their community’ at the centre. 1. Assessment and recognition design: opportunity to demonstrate, evidenced broadly, adapted to context and content, success orientated, developmental, personalised, recognition of profile not numeric, standards-referenced, judgment based, digitally enabled, comparable, standards based. 2. Learning ambitions: competence based (what you know), how you know it and what you can do with it, who you are, what you can contribute, agency in learning. 3. Learning design: opportunity to deepen learning, interest driven, relevant to community, enables learner agency, context specific, content integrated, changes organisation of teaching, changes to organisation of the day, external links and resources deployed, learning partnerships, extended learning environments. The new troika Click to expand

This is a non-trivial change: the cascade. 1. New learning ambitions. 2. New learning designs. 3. New standards. 4. New assessments. 5. New forms of recognition. 7. New metrics. The cascade Click to expand

Grammar of schooling: A circumplex with four quadrants. At the centre, ‘New learning ambitions’. Quadrant 1: learning design – learner agency, wellbeing, curriculum planning, pedagogical practices, leveraging digital. Quadrant 2: learning partnerships – education providers, students, teachers, families, community, industry, employers. Quadrant 3: culture and organisation – processes, structures, resourcing, environment, building connections and trust, values, beliefs and practices. Quadrant 4: metrics and recognition of success – new learner profiles, new agreements, new credentials, new standards, new assessments. The New Grammar of Schooling Click to expand

The new grammar of schooling is carefully designed and does not occur through osmosis. Assessment, metrics and recognition of success don’t stand alone. They are part of the new grammar which also incorporates learning design, learning partnerships and building the culture and organisation.

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Measuring What Matters: Transforming Assessment and Recognition of Complex Learning Competencies

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