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Introduction to infrared motion capture

In this video, Laura and Mari introduce you to infrared (IR) motion capture.
Welcome to our motion capture lab here at RITMO, and this is where we do our motion capture recordings. So these are the Qualisys cameras. They’re fixed to the scaffolding and currently kind of tracing the perimeter of the room. But sometimes we also take them down and put them on tripods if we want to get a close-up of something or catch something from a different level. Yeah. Usually they’re sitting up here in this big rectangle, and this is good because it provides quite a lot of coverage for the whole room. And the cameras are– they take a little bit of work if you want to reorient them.
So right now we know that they’re fixed to capture this area, and then this area is ready to be used. And the system that we are mainly focusing on in this course is an infrared motion capture system, and a passive one. And what this consists of is these cameras that Laura just talked about. And these cameras, they both send out infrared light, and then they record the light that is reflected from the markers that we have like this. So it’s passive because this marker doesn’t really do anything. [LAUGHS] It just– it’s made out of reflective stuff. You’ll also notice that we have curtains going all around here.
So this is actually windows back there, but it’s best for this kind of motion capture to have as little sunlight coming in as possible because this can also cause an interference with the cameras. For this lab, it’s quite well set up. So we’re able to use this whole space for capturing people. And then, there’s a room back here, the control room, where there’s some computers set up.
So this is our control room. The computer that runs the Qualisys system is here. So it’s possible for us to take the recordings here while the participants are in the other room doing the task. We’re also able to monitor through video cameras what’s going on in the other room and give them verbal instructions to make sure they’re doing all right.

In this video, Laura and Mari introduce you to infrared (IR) motion capture.

  • What does an IR motion capture lab look like?
  • How does IR motion capture work?

IR motion capture is a main focus of this course. This video provides an introduction to the science behind this technology and the practicalities involved in using it. We’ll also take you on a quick tour of the motion capture lab at RITMO.

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Motion Capture: The Art of Studying Human Activity

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