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How to Share a Screen Online

Learn more about how to share your screen in an online platform.

When planning lessons, we need to decide what materials we’ll use, how we’ll share those materials with our learners and when.

There are two main options: sending materials to learners before a lesson, or displaying them on our screen during a lesson and using the share screen option in our platform. With the first option, learners can move between the platform and the materials independently, but teachers can’t be sure that what they’re looking at is the right thing. with the screen share option, teachers know learners are looking at the right thing, but screen sharing can reduce the possibility of seeing each other, and this can have an impact on rapport and engagement.

Task 1

If you’re unfamiliar with the share screen option in an online platform, watch the video tutorial above and note how you can do these things:

  • Share whatever you show on your screen with learners
  • Share just one program with learners
  • Use the Chat and Annotate feature when sharing your screen
  • Share your iPhone or iPad screen
  • Change settings to allow students to share their screen

When you’ve finished, open up the platform you use or have chosen to use and practise sharing your screen. Go to the Help or Support pages of your platform to find out more if necessary.

If you’re using Microsoft Teams, you can see one of out trainers, Julian, giving a tutorial about sharing your screen on Teams.

Task 2

Look at the lesson stages below. What kind of material might we want to share via the Screen Share option in each stage? In which stages might it be best to avoid screen sharing so that everyone in the lesson can see each other on screen, maintaining rapport and engagement?

  • Warmer
  • Reading activity
  • Clarifying the meaning of vocabulary
  • Listening activity
  • Grammar clarification
  • Language practice
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Speaking practice
  • Writing activity
  • Feedback
  • Lesson review

Compare your ideas with ours.


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