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Learning with us

Learning with us. Explaining how you can learn throughout the course.

Over the next three weeks, we will use articles, mini-lectures, quizzes and case studies to explore some of the techniques you can use to manage children in the dental chair simply and effectively.

We encourage you to share your experiences and views through discussion with fellow learners and the course team. Some steps include reference lists, supplementary readings, and links to other videos and materials that you may find useful for further study.

How should I learn?

There is no single way to approach the course that guarantees success. The way you learn depends on many factors and will not necessarily be the same as everyone else. However, to maintain momentum and gain confidence, why not take a more active role within the course? You could:

  • Take notes on course steps. Which aspects of the material are most interesting to you and why? Is there anything you have struggled to understand? Why might that be? What parts of the course were less useful? If so, why?
  • Analyse connections between concepts, theories, and practice.
  • Ask yourself questions about what you’re learning and how it relates to your own experiences.
  • Discuss your learning with others and consider how you can apply new knowledge, either in your personal life or in professional situations.
  • Explain what you have learned to others if they are struggling.

In summary, we encourage you to learn reflectively through an active process of thinking and reflecting on these materials in combination with your own experiences and understandings.

Join the discussion

Almost every step has space for conversation and debate: the Comments area. While Discussion steps feature more focused conversational tasks, anyone can talk about the material within each step’s Comments area. We will regularly prompt you to share your thoughts and ideas with questions or suggestions at the end of a step. You can contribute to these conversations as and when you are able to.

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