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Developing a positive mindset

We share some PEP TALK suggestions for helping young people remain positive when facing stress or challenges.
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In this step, we provide a few suggestions to help you support the young people you work with.

PEP POINTS TASK suggestions

  • Practice self-compassion
    Compassionate self-statements such as, “I am not the only person to make this mistake” have been found to improve wellbeing within young people. Therefore, it will be invaluable to encourage such behaviour. Light self-disclosure about a difficulty you have faced and how you have overcome it will be welcomed here. Emphasising the commonalities between the young person’s lived experience and others’ experiences will be greatly helpful.
  • Practice mindfulness
    The practice of bringing awareness to the inner workings of the self, have been found to improve wellbeing. A young person may find mindfulness difficult, believing that they are doing it wrong if they have thoughts. Encourage them, commenting that they are doing well and only need to bring their focus back to the meditative chant, their breath or a particular body part.
  • Help others
    Volunteering and acts of kindness have also been found to improve wellbeing and a sense of efficacy. This can be volunteering at the local soup kitchen or raising money for charity or local projects.

Share your thoughts

  • Have you tried any of these activities with young people in the past?
  • What impact did the strategy have?
  • What additional information can you provide to help students get involved in any of these suggestions, including volunteering?

Share your experiences with your other learners in the Comments section.

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