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Top tips: writing up your research project

Watch this video montage of university researchers giving top tips of things to think about when writing up your research.
DRAGANA MLADENOVIC: Well, when it comes to reviewing your project, I think it is crucial to seek somebody else’s opinion.
LIZ CLUETT: You really need somebody that has a fresh eyes approach - somebody who looks at it who hasn’t been on the journey with you.
JON COPLEY: Sometimes you can get very, very close to the subject, and sometimes you need to step back and see the bigger picture and where everything fits in.
DRAGANA MLADENOVIC: Talk to your peers. Talk to people who are doing similar things. Sometimes it helps to talk to people who are not in the field at all.
WILL JENNINGS: And then, once I’ve done my analysis, I write that up.
JON COPLEY: Then you come back to it with a fresh perspective, and that really helps you re-evaluate what it all means.
WILL JENNINGS: And I obviously interact with my co-authors, but I like to kind of write as I go.
DRAGANA MLADENOVIC: I’m one of those people who collect all the information, and do the reading, and make notes.
LIZ CLUETT: The way I manage it is to write ideas down right from the start.
JON COPLEY: In a way, that also helps me direct my research, because I know that I’ve got to cover these areas.
LIZ CLUETT: Because it’s really important if you’re going to publish. Otherwise, what’s the point of doing the research? We need to publish to make a difference to the world that we live in.

Our university researchers give their top tips of things to think about to when writing up your research project.

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