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Case update: summary of the results from Week 2

Back at the police station you present the results of the DNA analysis to Gihan.
Hello, Gihan. Hi. This is the results from analysis of evidence. Oh, fantastic, that quick. OK. So we found out the blood found on the weapon only matches that of the victim and there’s no DNA found, unfortunately. The blood spot didn’t match anyone on the database. But we have information that this individual is a male and probably European ancestry with green eyes and in his late 20s. That’s all we found. This is still good information that we can use. I mean, just because we didn’t find a positive match of the DNA database doesn’t mean that that isn’t the blood of our suspect.
It just might mean that our suspect hasn’t been arrested yet and provided the profile to be loaded onto that database. The weapon– the blood from the weapon we’ve linked that now positively to our victim. We can almost for certain say that is our murder weapon. With the information you’ve just given me about the description, I really think you should have a look at some of the CCTV images that our major investigation team, the MIT, have pulled out already because we’ve got a possible suspect on there, and it’d be good for you to have a look and see if it matches the description you’ve just given me.
In the meantime, however, I really need you to take the drugs that we recovered from the beach crime scene to Dr Alan Brailsford at the Drug Control Centre at King’s Forensics so he can provide a full analysis and interpretation of those tablets. OK, I’ll go do that. Thank you. Thank you.

Back at the police station you present the results of the DNA analysis to Gihan, who assesses the progress of the case and gives you further instructions.

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