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Welcome from Macquarie University

Welcome to the PTE Academic Speaking preparation course designed by Macquarie University from Sydney, Australia in partnership with PTE Academic.
(quiet upbeat music) Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Pamela Humphreys, and I’m the Director of the Macquarie University International College and English Language Centre in Sydney, Australia. I’m delighted to welcome you all to Practise your PTE Academic Speaking Skills. At the English Language Centre, our experienced teachers and testing specialists have helped thousands to improve their English language and academic skills. We are experts in preparing students for their future academic study and English language exams.
Practise your PTE Academic Speaking Skills is designed to help you tackle the speaking section of PTE Academic by building the necessary skills and your self-confidence for speaking, You may be taking this course because you’re taking PTE Academic for the first time, or perhaps you’ve taken PTE Academic before and want to improve. This course contains content which will provide you with easy-to-implement strategies that can help you reach your goals. It focuses on the speaking skills needed to answer the range of item types in the speaking section of PTE Academic. Your trainers in this course are Rose Harvey and Jose Lara. They are both experienced English language teachers and testing specialists who together, have over 30 years experience.
They will discuss valuable tips, strategies, and skills to help you effectively prepare for your test. All the best for the course and with PTE Academic.

Practise your PTE Academic Speaking Skills contains useful strategies to help you achieve your desired score in the speaking section of PTE Academic. To make the most of this course, we have a couple of suggestions for you:

  • Peer collaboration: Collaborating with other participants and analysing their responses allows you to reinforce what you have learnt. When giving feedback to other participants, make sure that your comments are constructive and not offensive. Remember that you will also receive feedback from others.
  • Padlet: You will have many opportunities to practise what you learn on the course. Many of the activities take place on the FutureLearn platform, but for some, you will use Padlet. This is an app/website where you will be able to access practise questions and record your answers. For a better learning experience, we recommend that you download the app on your phone and/or open an account. Note: The time for this course does not include the time you will spend completing Padlet activities.

If you’re new to FutureLearn, you may wish to check out our guides to getting started on the platform and learning online.

If you’re discussing the course on Twitter, Facebook, or the social network of your choice, don’t forget to use the course hashtag #FLPTEAcademic.

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Practise your PTE Academic Speaking Skills

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