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Interested in studying a business degree with a sports management major? Listen to Dr Caroline Riot talk about what Griffith University has to offer.
Hi, my name is Dr Caroline Riot, and I’m a lecturer in Sport Management with the Griffith Business School. You know, sport– it’s global. It’s local. It impacts communities. From participation right through to international performance, from grass-roots sport to high performance– and even entertainment sport– it’s a big industry. With access to world-leading, subject matter experts, we offer you and give you access to strong industry connections and insights with sport’s major players, like the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, the International Olympic Committee, and even the Australian Sports Commission, just to name a few.
This degree gives you the skills you need in problem solving, in critical thinking, in awareness of diversity, and the interpersonal skills that you need to organise, to manage, and to promote sport at all levels. From the public sector right through to the nonprofit sector– and even the professional sector– we promote opportunities also for you to get engaged and to work with industry through internships. That’s a big focus for us because this remarkable industry requires you to develop those key people skills that you need to be successful.
This degree gives you the chance to work in roles that are so significant, to follow our graduates and alumni into organisations like the National Rugby League, like Netball Queensland as a coaching director perhaps, or even with the Broncos as a sponsorship manager. Our students have landed these real jobs when they’ve graduated from this degree. They’re now directors of research and innovation for the Queensland Academy of Sport, for example. They’re also working in places like AFL, Gymnastics Queensland, and also Softball Queensland at the more local level. If you want to live your passion, make a contribution, and earn as you go, then this degree is the one for you.

We’d like to invite you to explore further study opportunities with Griffith University. Listen to Dr Caroline Riot explain in the video where a sport degree could take you in your future career.

Find out more about our our innovative and practical sport degrees by browsing our Sport webpage. Scroll down the webpage to find study interest areas such as sport management, event management, exercise science, physiotherapy, sport technology and more.

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