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Week 3: Strategies for being healthy

In week 3 of Strategies for Successful Ageing, we will be exploring diet, nutrition, exercise and brain health.
Hello, and welcome to week three of Strategies for Successful Ageing. This week is focused on staying healthy as you age. I’ll be joined by a number of academics from Trinity College, Dublin who are leading research on how physical activity, nutrition, and mental stimulation affect health. We’ll also be joined by Professor Ian Robertson, a leader in brain health, who will discuss healthy ageing and what the term means. Dr. Orna Donoghue will explain why walking matters, and how cities and towns can encourage active ageing by adjusting signal timing, and, together with Age Friendly Ireland, a national organisation, will explain what age-friendly environments are, and provide you with resources to audit your own community. We’ll also turn to nutrition. Dr.
Maria O’Sullivan and Deirdre O’Connor will answer your most pressing questions about nutrition and about fitness because, of course, we are surrounded by mixed messages every day. And we will want to know, what do you want to know with respect to physical activity and nutrition? Professor Sabina Brennan will lead us through the Hello Brain challenge and present tools for building cognitive reserve. And, finally, Professor Fiona Newell will explain how our senses shift as we age and tell us the good news around multi-sensory perception in ageing.
By the close of this week, you will have a better understanding of how physical fitness, nutrition, and mental stimulation work together for improved health, and you will be empowered by a number of tools and resources which will allow you to choose healthy behaviours and advance your own successful ageing. Enjoy.

Looking after your physical health is very important for successful ageing, but we are bombarded with so many different suggestions that it can be difficult to know where to start. By the end of this week, you will have strategies for better physical health and nutrition from academics at the forefront of health and ageing research.

This week:

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