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Cohort challenge

Cohort challenge
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How many different supply chains can you build?

By now, I hope that you recognise that supply chains are all around you. The challenge to you as a cohort of learners who are completing this course, is to pictorially build the supply chain for one or all (you decide) of the following products:

  • Mobile telephone
  • Car
  • Coffee

What we would like you to do is to try to find images that map the end to end supply chain for the product(s). From the materials being extracted from the ground, or seeds being produced to the different ways that the products are re-used or recycled at the end of life.

To do this we will use the free online tool: Padlet, You are not required to create an account, and it will work on most devices including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Accessing the Padlet wall

To view a Padlet Wall or add something to it, follow our link to the course Cohort Challenge.

Posting an item to Padlet

Whatever you’re posting, remember to add your name (this should be the same name you use on FutureLearn) and possibly a title and short description to help others understand what it is.

On desktop:

If you’re uploading an image of your own, you can simply drag and drop it to an empty space on to the wall. Alternatively, double-click anywhere on the wall will reveal a new area where you can:

  • choose to upload a file
  • link to a file that’s already on the web
  • or even use your webcam to take a photo .

To remove something you’ve posted, double-click on it to reveal this icon at the top right ‘X’ and click it to delete.

On tablet and mobile:

Double-tap anywhere on the wall. This will display a new area where you can choose to upload a file or link to a file that’s already on the web.

If you choose to upload a file, tap in the ‘click to browse’ box to select an image from your device.

To remove something you’ve posted, double-tap on it to reveal the ‘X’ icon at the top right and tap it to delete.


We want to collate the pictures and review them at the end of the course, Week 6, so you may want to think about how you create the link between the different images if you try to build more than one supply chain.

Happy building!

© University of Warwick
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Supply Chains in Practice: How Things Get to You

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