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Yealands winery makes sustainable practice a priority.

They begin with the sun and harnessing the sun for solar power and are able to generate 1446 kilowatt units yealands

The northern side of their winery roof has over 1,300 solar panels. These panels supply 15% of the power needs of the winery. Using the solar energy offsets 82 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions being pushed into the environment.

Yealands also addresses vine prunings. Each year the prunings from the grapevines are used

grapevine prunings 10% of the prunings are collected and dried and then burnt in their large burners which heats the water and glycol in the winery. Each bale of prunings produces approximately the same amount of heat as 30 kgs of LPG gas. The remaining 90% of the prunings and mulched and remain under the rows. This mulching feeds retains moisture and feeds the soil as organic matter creating a better productive soil.

Yealands has 3 wind turbines on the property to help off set the cost of energy which could be run as frost fans. However the property is on the coast so remains frost free. However the ‘sea breeze’ helps with pest and disease control.

Cover crops

cover crops

Yealands plants cover crops between their vine rows in the sward. This planting helps prevent prevent the grass grubs who attack and damage the grapevine roots. The second reason is that the cover crops attract insects who help to eliminate pests around the vines. A useful and sustainable pest and disease management programme.

Check out Yealands winery. They have devoted a part of their webpage to sustainability Yealands winery

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