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Starting your action plan

Start pulling your ideas together to make an action plan. Watch the video to find out how.
Who is who you want to target. To keep it manageable, this should be a specific class or group of students. And unless your thinking has changed, it should be the same group that you’ve identified and reflected about already. When is your timeframe, the time that you have to get this initial activity underway. Be realistic about what you can achieve. Why is your objective, which should be clear, achievable, and measurable. Ideally, this should link back to a need that you have identified. Look at the examples and don’t forget you have to assess your chosen step. You looked at some of the different ways you could assess the step your students were working at. Decide what will work best for you.
The teacher has done her preparation by looking through the information that you have just read and discussed and made a plan based on that. Pause the video and take 10 minutes to focus on the following, using the template you downloaded, what specific skill steps do you want to focus on? What needs to change in this area? What do you want students to be able to do better? Consider what activities students are doing now or have done recently. Can these be adapted and extended to help students develop the skills you are focusing on?
Consider how past policies might have led to a need for change. How are these skills currently developed by students, staff, and the school? What kind of things might be challenging? How could you help with these? Once you have filled in the action planning template, you should have the basis of your plan. You will come back to refine this later.

Now that you’re more familiar with the Hub and the approach, it’s time to think about how you are going to use them.

You have already started thinking about your student group and about using the Skills Builder framework in your context, so now it’s time to start pulling your ideas together to make a proper plan.

Over to you

Download the action planning template below to fill in while you watch the presentation. The action planning sheet should help you think about how to put some of these ideas in place for your students.

A PDF containing the slides from the video is available below under ‘Downloads’.

It’s important that you think through your plan step by step: remember to stop the video when you need time to think and make notes.

When you’ve completed this first draft of your action plan, post your draft in the comments below. We’d really like to see your ideas!

If you’d like to share materials, you can include documents or a link on this Padlet (the password is Core Skills), or share another Padlet page of your own. Please don’t post pictures or videos of people for privacy and child protection reasons, and only share published materials where copyright allows.

This Padlet will remain open after the course finishes, so why not keep updating your action plan as it develops? You’ll also be able to see how other learners on the course are progressing.

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