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Understanding This Future of Fashion & Media Expert Track Learning Journey
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Understanding This Future of Fashion & Media Expert Track Learning Journey

An explanation of how the Future of Fashion & Media Expert Track from Condé Nast College works.
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Welcome to The Future of Fashion and the start of your learning journey on the Future of Fashion and Media Expert Track brought to you by Condé Nast College on FutureLearn.

During the five courses in this Expert Track, you’ll develop an understanding of key issues relating to the fashion and media industries, participate in tasks, steps and activities to confirm your learning, and have the opportunity to explore subject introduced by our industry experts. There will also be opportunities to discuss and debate subjects with other learners and create exciting creative work in response to the tasks set by the Condé Nast team.

OUR COURSES: The five courses are organised in sequence, and for the best learning experience we suggest you follow this order:

  • The Future of Fashion
  • Ethics & Diversity in Fashion
  • Sustainable Luxury Fashion
  • Digital Fashion Media
  • The Business of Beauty

We recommend working through the each of the courses in the suggested order. They have been arranged in this order for a reason, and each course has been designed with a logical sequence. Jumping ahead without completing what came before may give you a disjointed learning experience.

We expect the entire ExpertTrack should take approximately 15 weeks to complete. That said, everyone’s different, and you may find yourself working at a different pace to other learner or to that which we predict, and that’s fine – one of the benefits of online learning is you can work at a pace that best suits you!

ASSESSMENT: You need to mark over 90%+ of steps as complete across the entire ExpertTrack, attempt every test and assessment question, and score an average of at least 70% across all your assessments, to be eligible to gain certificates at both individual course level, and overall ExpertTrack level.

But there’s more to engagement than gaining certificates: we are confident that if you engage fully in all parts of this ExpertTrack you’ll likely maximise your learning, encounter other perspectives and ideas, and have a rich learning experience.

ACTIVITIES & STEPS: Across all five courses you will find quizzes. Quizzes are for practice. They do not contribute towards your final score. They’re a fantastic opportunity for you to check your progress and understanding.

TESTS: In the final week of each course you will be asked to take a test. Tests ARE part of your final course assessment score. You can retake tests, but it is important to complete them as they count towards your overall score.

CREATIVE TASKS: In each of our courses you will be asked to complete creative tasks. These can include mood boards, double page spreads, independent research and concept boards. We have provided guides on how to complete these, including suggesting software that can help you.

Articles are another feature of each course and you will be reading articles from Condé Nast publishing and Vogue Business journalists; you’ll be sharing your own thoughts on these.

DISCUSSION & COMMUNITY: Sharing and discussing your learning with other learners is essential to getting the most from these courses. Educators will not be able to respond directly to comments and we therefore encourage you to support one another, share personal experiences, and see new perspectives.

So, get ready to spend a little more time on the discussion steps to get as much as possible out of your experience.

In the next step, Lisa Mann, Director of Postgraduate, Professional and Online Learning at the Condé Nast College in London will explain everything you need to know about your first course, The Future of Fashion.

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The Future of Fashion

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