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Prosecco quality assurance

Prosecco quality assurance
As mentioned before, the quality and the origin assurance of Prosecco production includes different steps of control during the entire wine-making process. In Prosecco production for all DOCG and DOC denominations All the producers are certified and the control is committed to a specific, an independent control body called the Valoritalia. This organization verifies each step of the production from the vineyard to the bottle. The first step of control is in the vineyard where the inspectors verify all the parameters to find and the production specification, such as grape variety, chaining system and at harvest the maximum yield. In these cases, the controls are made by assembling, check. At the winery.
All the wine produced after juice fermentation should be registered in online database called Sistema Informatico Agricolo Nazionale to guarantee a control of the production. In addition, each transfer of juice or wine from one tank to another should be communicate to Valoritalia for a complete traceability off the product. At this point, each newly fermentation in every autoclave should be communicated to the Italian Inspectorate for agricultural products and fraud prevention. And at the end of Prosecco production or request is sent to Valoritalia Dedicated personnel from Valoritalia move into the wineries and take samples, one from each different autoclave. And these samples are then sent to a laboratory for chemical analysis.
This final step of control is performed systematically for each lot of production. So this is not based on a sample check. This means that the control body certifies every bottle release into the market. That’s right. Every bottle! Only samples that obtain positive results from the chemical analysis and respect the minimum values, report that and their production specification, go to the subsequent step of organoleptic evaluation. This last step is performed for each sample by a commission of five people composed of a president and four members, in which the president and at least two members should be expert tasters. And these five are chosen every time from a list of more than 150 individuals.
To guarantee higher objectivity and quality of the judgement. Each commission evaluates no more than 20 samples at a time. Considering the large number of samples to evaluate every day, mind you, many different Commission’s work one after the other. The commission evaluates each Prosecco sample, giving a final judgment that can either be suitable, revisable, or not suitable. A sample initially considered as revisable, can be presented again after, of course, the eventual corrections, but this time to another commission in order to have a second chance to be considered suitable. On the other hand, a sample judged as not suitable will automatically be excluded from the Prosecco production chain.
This isn’t necessarily a bad wine, but it’s simply doesn’t respect the quality standards to be a Prosecco. So for those that passed the Valoritalia evaluation, a certified label released by the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint is applied on the neck of each bottle. Each label contains identification number that is specific to each bottle. And that’s how you’re assured of Prosecco’s quality.

The quality and the origin assurance of Prosecco production includes different steps of control during the entire winemaking process.

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