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The 'goodbye' step from Understanding Language: learning and teaching.
© University of Southampton / British Council

We hope that you have enjoyed your journey with us.

We really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your thoughts and experiences of language learning. We learned a lot, and we hope you did, too.

We would like to remind you, that whilst we will not be providing facilitation in the comments and discussions after Sunday 8th November 2020, you still have time, if you need it, to catch up with the course activities as they will remain online for a short time.

…and not goodbye!

If you would like to continue your discussions about language teaching, then we invite you to join a closed Facebook group which is run by the British Council for MOOC participants on all their courses. It is a place where we can continue to share ideas and experiences amongst colleagues and friends.
Join the Facebook group here You will need to create your own Facebook account to participate.

Thank you from all of the Understanding Language course team

Content for this course was created by:

The course was designed by Kate Borthwick with contributions from Dr Alasdair Archibald, Dr Will Baker, Paul Braddock, Dr Julia Hüttner, Professor Jennifer Jenkins, Dr Richard Kiely, Dr Mariko Baird, Emeritus Professor Rosamund Mitchell, Dr Darren Paffey, Sara Pierson, Professor Roumyana Slabakova and Dr. Ying Wang.

The course has also evolved over time thanks to feedback from learners and course tutors. Special thanks to Josh Underwood and Steve White.

You were supported by the online tutoring team:

Jo Dixon and Josh Underwood.

The course was produced by:

The University of Southampton Digital Learning team.

This course would not have been possible without the support of:

  • British Council team: Mark Appleby, Chris Cavey, Anne Foreman, Jon Gore, Ulla Hjerting, Jon Knagg, Kristen McNicoll, Sally Trowbridge, Christina Pole and staff in London and Barcelona.
  • British Council social media and marketing team
  • University of Southampton professional services support team.
  • University of Southampton: Professor Vicky Wright (Director of University Language Strategy), the online MA in ELT management group, Vice President (Education) Alex Neill and the rest of the University senior management team.

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone in the FutureLearn team.

© University of Southampton / British Council
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Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching

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