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Scarlett is transferred to hospital

What are the priorities before leaving. What problems may they anticipate on the way to hospital?
Let’s redo her obs then, alright. Scarlett just pop this back on your face. There we are, well done.
Everything is going to be fine mum, alright. We’re just going to recheck everything like we did inside the house, and then we’re going to be leaving. I’ll make a quick phone call to the emergency department so that they know that we’re coming and there will be a team of people waiting for us. Thank you. Her temperature’s gone up to 39. Hi it’s Jordan here, we’ve got a medical alert for you. We have a five year old female who has presented with a febrile convulsion which lasted about 2 minutes. She has a urticaria rash all over her body, following she ate some pesto for lunch and she does have a known nut allergy. No obvious symptoms or signs of anaphylaxis.
Querying a viral infection as well as she has been unwell today with a fever. She has a temperature of 39, a BM 4.9, her sats are 100 with equal air entry, resp rate 28 and a heart rate of 120. We have considered giving her benpen but are only 5 minutes away from you. Lovely.

We can see Scarlett being transferred to hospital.

After watching the video, what are your final thoughts?

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