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Jordan alerts the Children’s Hospital

Jordan makes the medical alert call
Hello this is Jordan. I have a medical alert for you. I have a seven year old, male, currently unconscious. Initial observations were 89 percent, saturation level, he’s got reduced air entry on one side and a wheeze on the other. He’s had 2.5 nebuliser to no effect. He has got a BM of 4.2, his heart rate is currently 175. Blood pressure of 78/36. Querying a chest infection and sepsis. We have access in foot, I’m going to get Grandma and then we’ll get going. Currently got access in the foot and we’re going to give fluids en route. Our ETA is going to be 20 minutes.

It is clear from this video that the crew believe Marley is displaying signs of a significant chest infection and sepsis.

How did your previous answer compare with the information Jordan has just relayed to the waiting hospital?

There is some more really useful information here about Sepsis 6 for children (and adults too).

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Emergency and Urgent Care for Children: a Survival Guide

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