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Brand Personality: Red Bull

Now that you have thought about Red Bull's brand personality, watch Professor Raj Venkatesan explain more.
Hope you had fun with that exercise. So, let’s see, what would I write here? So, what is the age if Red Bull was a person? What is the age of that person? Maybe 14 to maybe 25. What could be the gender? Male, but you know, it could be both. What is the trait? Well, I would think skateboarder, long hair, free spirit. All right. So this would be the brand personality of Red Bull. Right? Let’s try one more. You have time for one more? Let’s go for it. Etch A Sketch. Take a piece of paper, write down what is the age, gender, and traits of a person.
If Etch A Sketch was a person, what would be the age, gender, and traits of Etch A Sketch? Take five minutes and I’ll be back.
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