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End of course summary

Claire Mackintosh thanks learners for taking the course and provides a short summary of the key learning points.
Hi, Claire Mackintosh again. I just want to congratulate everyone for completing the course. I really hope you got as much out of listening to the talks and the discussion as I did.
I would like to thank all of the contributors to the course, and to everyone behind the scenes who put the course content together. I think it’s been an excellent and very thought-provoking course. And I really hope it leads to improvements in patient management, and I really encourage everyone to share how it might change their practise, or any novel solutions that they might have for how we can improve the care given to patients throughout the UK. And lead to better clinical outcomes on the whole. So again, many thanks for contributing to the course. And hopefully people may be able to get in touch with each other and take things further and develop networks. Thanks again.

Congratulations on completing this course on Infection Prevention in Vulnerable Patients!

On completion of this course, you will understand the different situations of vulnerable patients and how this impacts them accessing healthcare. You will have also gained knowledge of different approaches that can be incorporated into clinical practice to help vulnerable patients receive healthcare.

We hope you enjoyed the course and found it useful for your practice to incorporate more processes to make healthcare inclusive for vulnerable patients.

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Infection Prevention for Vulnerable Patients

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